Gloria tells Sandra that she's been seeing Pete Shaw and they're in love. Sandra refuses to let her come between them; she'll forgive Pete as she loves him. Gloria swears it wasn't planned. Rita feels she humiliated herself, begging with Alan. Sandra calls Gloria a smug tart and throws a pint over her. Gloria breaks down as Jack holds Sandra back from attacking her. The bank manager refuses to give Alan a loan to buy new premises. Sandra apologises to Alec for causing a scene but he sacks her, saying he can't have her and Gloria fighting all the time. Mike tells Terry he knows he drove the Jaguar; Mike tricked him into admitting he never forgot to reconnect the speedometer. He tells him that he's fired. Alan asks Carole Burns if he can move in with her as he knows he'd get a loan with her help. She tells him that she's not interested; she's careful with money. Gloria tells Alec it isn't fair that Sandra should be sacked. She resigns so Sandra can be reinstated. She leaves the Rovers. Alan turns up at No.7 and asks Rita if he can return. Rita and Jenny are delighted.


Regular cast

Guest cast



  • Final appearance of Sue Jenkins as Gloria Todd.
  • Martin Platt (Sean Wilson) is credited, but doesn't appear.
  • TV Times synopsis: Rita is reeling from an emotional set-back, and steels herself for worse to come. And Gloria is accused of being a snake in the grass, but gives everyone a surprise when she finds a way of wriggling out of the situation.
  • Viewing Figures: First UK broadcast - 16,600,000 viewers (6th place).
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