Gail is annoyed that she has to stop the sandwich round. She feels frustrated working under Alma. Vera is furious that Jack hasn't got any money for the microwave. She refuses to cook him any food until he sorts it out. Terry borrows Vera's car for a date with a separated woman, Kathy Pritchard. Bet is worried about Rita being on her own and gets Alf to call on her. Alf is annoyed when he sees Gina trying to sell sandwiches at the factory. Sandra arranges another date with Pete Shaw, who she met in a supermarket. She brings him to the Rovers to introduce him to Bet and Gloria. They are impressed with him but Gloria is upset that she hasn't met anyone. Jack tries to get the microwave out of the Wiltons' flat but Rita refuses to let him. Gail is surprised when Alma says she'll give the sandwich round a chance. She shocks Alma by giving her notice at the cafe, saying she's going to continue the run on her own, with Gina's help. Brian isn't enthusiastic about her decision.


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