Mavis is upset when the paperboys joke about the possibility of Derek jilting her again. Percy starts to trail Derek. Alan tells Jenny he's moved into digs at 12a Redwing Road. Jack tries to sell the microwave to Derek. Alma Sedgewick returns to Weatherfield and hears Gail has started a sandwich round. She tells Gail she can't be doing so much business in the cafe if she's encouraging people to stay at work to eat. The lads play a joke on Derek at his stag night, phoning the Rovers as Victor Pendlebury, saying Mavis has run off with him. Derek guesses it's a joke, saying he knows Mavis loves him. Derek gets drunk on two pints and a brandy. Jack takes advantage to sell him the microwave. Mavis enjoys her hen party. She tells the women she will accept whatever happens as her destiny. Percy takes drunk Derek home. Jack makes them take the microwave, telling Derek he can give him the £200 in the morning.


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