Rita quizzes Jenny as to why she was rowing with Alan. Jenny tells her it was nothing. Gina starts at the cafe. Phyllis shows her dislike of her. Alan sacks Martin, accusing him of telling Jenny about his private life. Martin tells him that he wouldn't tell Jenny as he wouldn't want to hurt her; she's a mate. Gail gives Gina an old butcher's bike to do her deliveries on. Gina doesn't know how to ride a bike but agrees to give it a go. Derek tells Mavis he expects her to make the reception at her flat. She doesn't like the idea and is grateful when Emily tells them she'll lay on the reception at No.3 instead. Rita tells Alan she's hurt that he won't tell her why he's rowing with Jenny. He tells her it's none of her business and tells her to shut up about it. Vera tells Jack they should buy a new bed. Phyllis tries to prove to Gail that she can cope at the cafe. Gina enjoys meeting lads on the round. Jenny hopes she can stop Alan seeing Carole Burns as she doesn't want Rita to get hurt. Alan tells Martin he can stay in the firm. Vera tells Jack they're having a washing machine and a microwave. Percy appoints himself host of the Wiltons' wedding reception and tells them he's baking them a cake. Rita asks Jenny if she's pregnant. Jenny is indignant and tells Rita that she hasn't been the one deceiving her.


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  • The scene with Gail Tilsley and Gina Seddon on Rosamund Street was recorded on the corner of Liverpool Street and Langton Street in Salford. Most of the buildings in that area, including the one used as Jim's Cafe, are now demolished.
  • TV Times synopsis: Rita’s determination to get to the problem of Jenny’s 'problem' puts the girl under an intolerable pressure to clear the air. And Phyllis, resentful in the belief that experience counts for nothing, fears that her days at the café could well be numbered.
  • Viewing Figures: First UK broadcast - 15,550,000 viewers (5th place).
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