Vera boasts to the girls that Mike is grooming Terry for management. Alec is mugged on his way to the bank. He is hit on the head and his briefcase, containing over £2,000, is stolen. Ken runs a slamming story of Mike running a sweatshop. Bet is stunned to hear Alec was banking so much money. Alec assures her they are insured. Mike is furious to read the Recorder. He realises it will be damaging to the factory and threatens to sue Ken. When a customer cancels an order Mike decides to contact his solicitor. Kevin makes Gina see that it's best if she acts humble and tells the truth in court. Bet accuses Alec of fiddling the insurance as she knows the pub didn't take £2,000 over the weekend. He tells her it was his club money as well. Ken has quoted Mike as selling any sub-standard curtains which are made. Emily tells him this is true but they're sold to a market trader as seconds. He begins to worry when Emily tells him a customer has dropped an order so Mike has a case.


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