Don organises everyone on the Blackpool trip. Shirley looks after Curly as he gets coach-sick. Arnold Swift takes a shine to Phyllis. Percy sits them together and Phyllis finds Arnold a sport. Percy plans to escort Emily for the day but she spends her time with Mavis. Sandra Stubbs agrees to a night out with Gloria. Mavis is fed up when Percy latches onto Emily and her. Phyllis and Arnold flirt with each other. Malcolm Reid tells Audrey he's returning to Canada soon and wants her to come with him. Alf decides to drive to Blackpool to surprise Audrey and Malcolm. Jenny, Martin, Shirley and Curly spend the day at the Pleasure Beach. The Tilsleys and Brennans spend the day picnicking on the beach. Nicky is fed up as Don plays with all his toys. Audrey is flattered but embarrassed by Malcolm's attention. He tells her that he came over to see what her marriage is like and it's obviously bad. He urges her to be selfish. Alf searches Blackpool for Audrey and sees her sitting intimately in a pony carriage with Malcolm. Martin feels sick after the crowd eats and eats all day. Audrey refuses to leave Alf for Malcolm, telling him Alf is her husband and she intends to make their marriage work. Phyllis and Arnold decide to stay in Blackpool and let the coach go. Alf boards the coach and drags Audrey off. He accuses Malcolm of carrying on with her and goes for him. Brian has to hold Alf back. Audrey begs Alf to believe she hasn't been unfaithful.


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