Jack has a terrible hangover. He can't remember where he left the suit and thinks it must have been stolen. Gail and Brian attend Ivy at the wedding. She wears an ivory two-piece. Jack wears his Vince St. Clair outfit for the wedding. Don regrets having him as best man. Vera, Bet, Alf, Audrey, Nicky, Sarah, Shirley and Ida attend Don and Ivy's wedding at St. Luke's Church. Brian gives Ivy away and Gail is her matron of honour. Jack has to hunt for ages to find the ring. The priest gets tired of waiting so they use Bert's one for the service. Vera recognises Jack's suit being worn by one of Don's mates. Jack gets drunk at the reception and insults Vera in his speech. Nicky drinks all the guests' drinks behind their backs and gets drunk. Vera gets Jack to spy on the man in the suit. The man thinks Jack's gay and thumps him.


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