Wayne Pickles follows Jason Stubbs around as he does his round and fights him. Mavis is horrified to find Jason bloody again and wants the police brought in. Don takes Ivy to buy her a ring. She is amazed when he tells her they're going to Corfu for their honeymoon. Nicky refuses to be Ivy's pageboy, saying he'll look daft. Vera tells Jack he's going to buy a suit for the wedding. He talks her into buying it for him. Mike wines and dines Graham Farrell to get him to boost his order. Emily is aghast to find Percy ironing her underwear. He tells her that he's only trying to be helpful. Sandra Stubbs gets the truth out of Jason that he's being harassed by Wayne. He wants to handle the situation himself. Jack buys a one-off sample suit. Vera gets the shop to alter the trousers for him. Sandra bumps into the Pickleses in The Kabin and she accuses Wayne of being a bully. When Mrs Pickles threatens her, Sandra punches her in the face and sees them off. Mavis is delighted but Sandra is horrified as she hates violence. It sickens her. Vera refuses to let Jack go on Don's stag night.


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  • TV Times synopsis: Gail can see that Ivy is having second thoughts about the wedding, and Vera is fed up of the Duckworths being the 'village idiots'.
  • Viewing Figures: First UK broadcast - 12,550,000 viewers (5th place).
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