Jack prepares crates for ale for the Sunday darts outing to New Brighton. Annie objects to him wearing his best shirt for the event. Alf arrives to give him a hand. Len wants an answer from Elsie but she's not up yet. Dennis leaves her a message about Len before he and Walter leave to join the coach. Harry prepares to drive the party - his last work for Marshall's. Concepta is not happy when Val points out that Harry will have to work some nights in his new job. Dennis, Walter, Frank, Jack, Alf, Jerry, Ken, Albert, Len and other male regulars gather in the Rovers and Harry arrives with the coach. Ken takes an economics book with him while Walter has his guitar. Frank worries about Neil's cheque. Harry returns home briefly for a plaster and gets a lecture from Concepta about the nights. The coach has trouble starting but eventually gets away. Len is upset that Elsie didn't get to him before they left but the coach breaks down just fifteen yards away. Elsie asks Alf to tell Len to speak with her. Jack asks Annie to make up several dozen sandwiches as they'll miss their booked lunch in New Brighton. Martha is made to cut them and Ena and Minnie enjoy eating with the men before the coach is repaired and leaves again. It breaks down twice more as the men enjoy the ale. Alf deliberately waits until they're well away before passing Elsie's message on, thinking he's doing an annoyed Len a favour in doing so. Lucille takes advantage of Harry being out to come home late, annoying Concepta. She hurts her stepmother when she hints that her father might carry on with other women when he's out. The men stop in a bar and get more drunk while Walter sings to them. Albert picks a fight with a Waiter. In the small hours, the wives and Elsie gather in the pub's back room awaiting their return and complain about married life, giving Elsie food for thought. The coach breaks down again at 2.05am on the East Lancs road. When a passing policeman in a patrol car tries to get the men to quieten down, Albert knocks his helmet off and Alf confronts him. The police call for assistance and a prison van.


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Valerie Barlow: "When you're courtin', one minute you're up in the air, an' the next you're sobbin' your 'eart out on your pillow. When you're married - you just go on".

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