Emily tries to stop Mike sacking Vera as she's worked for him for eleven and a half years. Alan sets up Bradley's Securities Limited in the yard. Sandra Stubbs is late for her first day at work as she has to see her son Jason settled at his new school. Mike tells Vera he's not satisfied with her work and sacks her. Vera is upset and threatens to fight to get her job back. She doesn't understand why she's been sacked and breaks down. Jack comforts her and agrees to talk to Mike. Alan pesters Rita, saying he needs the equipment for his new business so she gives him a cheque for £1,000, telling him it's a gift. She realises she's a mug. Mike tells Jack he sacked Vera because she shopped him to the police. Vera swears to Jack she didn't but doesn't know how to clear her name. Alan offers Martin a job, Martin agrees to taking it. Ida hears about Vera being sacked - she feels awful and tells Ivy she shopped Mike.


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