Rita tells Alan she doesn't know where she stands with him - he's turned into a liar and a cheat. Alan maintains he just wants to make a success of his life for them all. Alec advertises for a cleaner for £1.50 an hour. Bet tells him that nobody will do it for that money and she's sick of doing all the cleaning. Alf meets Audrey's plane as she returns from Toronto. Alan tries to win Rita around with flowers but she tells him she feels she can't trust him any more. He promises not to keep her in the dark. Alf lays into Audrey for disappearing in Canada and spending his money. Gail confronts Audrey and demands to know all about Stephen Reid. Audrey tells her the circumstances of his birth and adoption. She tells her she didn't want her to think she was a slag so didn't tell her. Gail is touched by her story. Mike gets annoyed when some of the residents criticise him for still drinking and driving. Mike admits he was over the limit but doesn't care. Ken is infuriated by his attitude and tells him that he's a menace on the roads and could kill someone. Bet is amazed when Alec bars Ken for shouting at Mike as Mike caused all the problems.


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Mike Baldwin (to Ken Barlow): "Don't you talk to me about conscience, sunshine. You'd swear black was white on a stack of Bibles if it could harm me!"

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