Mike is indignant that he was stopped and contacts his solicitor. Vera thinks it's wonderful that Mike was breathalysed and spreads the news around. She hopes he'll go to prison. Curly tells Mike that the police were laying in wait for him; he was set up. Dave Craig tells Rita that Alan hasn't been working for him for a couple of weeks. Rita is puzzled as Alan is rushed off his feet with work. Mike accuses Gloria of reporting him to the police. She tells him that isn't worthy of her. Rita doesn't know what Alan's doing. She doesn't like the way Dave thinks she's Mrs Bradley. Dave calls on Alan at the Rovers and accuses him of poaching his customers. Alan tries to shut him up and throws him out of the pub, threatening him with violence. Rita walks out of the pub. Audrey phones Alf and tells him that she's returning tomorrow.


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