Shirley and Curly agree that it's great living together. Martin and Gina have another day together at No.13. Alan asks Dave Craig if he can go into partnership with him but Dave says he's not interested. Billy Wyatt takes off from work in a Vauxhall. Kevin swears he didn't let him test drive it but Brian isn't pleased. Billy calls on Gina and finds her with Martin. He goes for Martin, threatening to kill him. Sally is upset that her house is in a state after Martin and Billy's fight. Martin has a bloody face. Brian is annoyed when Billy admits to taking the car without permission and doesn't care. Billy gives the job up, telling him he's banned from driving anyway. Curly shows his parents around the flat. They are anxious to meet his girlfriend. Kevin is furious that the house is a state and tells Gina he's not interested in her excuses, he wants her out. He convinces Sally she'll be alright. Alan tells Rita that Dave has offered him a partnership if he can come up with the money. Mrs Watts is horrified to see Shirley is black. Curly is furious when she snubs Shirley. The Wattses leave, refusing to look at Shirley. Shirley is upset but puts a brave face on it. Alf tells them he's sick of the rowing and wants them out of the flat.


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