Curly tells Emily that Alf is using him to keep Shirley out of the flat. Nick Cavanagh tells Ken he's going to have a company car. Ken is thrilled. Curly tells Shirley the flat isn't his and he doesn't understand why she didn't get it. She's used to racism and tells him not to worry. Alf is stunned when Curly tells him he doesn't want his flat and it's obvious why he doesn't want Shirley to have it. Ken is stunned when his company car turns out to be a Ford Escort with the Clarion Group logo on the side. Sally tries to get her parents to take Gina Seddon back but Eddie refuses to see her. Sally is determined that Gina isn't staying at No.13. Ken resents driving around in a mobile advertising hoarding. Gina introduces the Websters to Billy Wyatt. They are shocked to find he's on probation. Sally feels she can't throw Gina out as she'd end up getting into trouble with Billy. Emily tells Alf she's surprised that he's a racist. He tells her she's being ridiculous.


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