Fiona Cavanagh assures Ken she wants to learn the business and is keen to prove herself. Shirley is depressed living at home at her age and is sick of the overcrowding. She asks Alf if he'd let her have the flat now the Websters have moved out. He promises to give her first refusal if he decides to rent it. He stalls, saying he'd need a reference. Nick Cavanagh tells Ken he's moving the Recorder into Neptune House with the rest of the Clarion Group. The Gilroys are pleased that the baby has brought them together. Curly asks Alf to rent him the flat. Gina Seddon arrives at No.13, telling Sally she's had enough of their dad and dumps herself on them for the night. Sally isn't pleased. Curly discovers Emily writing Shirley a reference to help her get the shop flat.


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