The news spreads around that Mike has been beaten up. Gloria is upset but Ken is delighted. Jack discovers Amy Burton is stealing bottles of stout from the Rovers. Nick Cavanagh asks Janet Bamford to work full-time but she can't as she's got an invalid husband to look after. The idea of parenthood begins to be more appealing to the Gilroys. Bet admits to Alec that she's been having pains in her side. She tries to convince herself that it's wind but Alec makes her lie down and calls the doctor. Jack tells Vera that he thinks Amy is thieving from the Rovers. Vera refuses to believe him. Bet is taken into hospital and loses the baby.


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  • TV Times synopsis: Jack Duckworth's reputation is at stake when he susses where the Rovers' stock is disappearing to. Meanwhile, Ken Barlow thinks he's spotted a wolf in sheep's clothing. Bet Gilroy is getting pats on the back from her close friends - but congratulations turn into concern when Bet announces she's 'not feeling too good'.
  • Viewing Figures: First UK broadcast - 16,150,000 viewers (3rd place).
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