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Sheila waits outside Gamma Garments for Neil to arrive in the morning. When he does, she buttonholes him in the street and he tries to turn on his charm, saying he has work to do but will explain his non-attendance later. He promises to meet her in the Rovers at lunchtime. Jerry is quite cheerful at his work. As he has nothing to save up for now, he decides to go on the Rovers' darts picnic, explaining it's no use moping anymore. Len is pleased about his attitude. Harry has passed his first interview at Amalgamated Steel and has a second one that afternoon. Emily demands that Neil pays the petty cash fund back but he only supplies £2 of the £3 owing. She takes a call from Jud Bates asking for Neil. Doreen hopes it's an alternative job offer for him but Albert informs them that Jud is a bookmaker with a violent reputation. Neil asks Frank to cash another cheque for him and he agrees. Albert warns Frank about Jud and against cashing cheques for Neil. Emily and Doreen are told by head office to reduce all the clear lines by 10% and Neil is nowhere to be seen to assist them. When Jud rings again, Emily loses her temper, her loyalty to her boss at an end. Sheila waits alone in the Rovers. Harry comes back from his interview despondent, having to wait until Wednesday for the result. Frank lends Neil £5. An angry Sheila finds him in Frank's shop and he promises to meet her at 6.10pm outside the shop for a good night out. She's talked round again. Minnie tells Doreen she's worried about Sheila. Emily is cold with Neil when he eventually returns to the shop. Jerry sees that Len is distant in his thoughts. Elsie talks through her relationship with Len to herself and worries that Dennis won't survive on his own. Sheila catches Neil trying to sneak off to avoid taking her out. When she grows hysterical and tells him he's not man enough to finish with her, he slaps her in front Emily, Doreen, Ena and Martha. The women are outraged. Emily immediately phones Mr Papagopolous demanding Neil's removal.


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