Gail decides to bring the wedding forward. She is annoyed that Audrey isn't going to be around on the day. Martin puts the finishing touches to his conversions at No.13. He refuses to declare his earnings to the DHSS. Ken Barlow has big plans for the future of the Recorder. Gloria tells Mike that she doesn't want him treating her like a casual pick-up as she has more to offer. She accuses him of playing with her emotions as she wants a proper relationship. He refuses to commit himself so she leaves him alone. Gail feels that she doesn't know Audrey any more.


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  • From this episode onwards, all location scenes are recorded on Outside Broadcast Video and Coronation Street was now entirely videotaped.
  • TV Times synopsis: Ken is getting big ideas about the newspaper business - but it's all a question of how much of a gamble he's prepared to take. Meanwhile, Ivy Tilsley has her suspicions about Audrey’s disappearance, but Gail has the perfect way of shutting Ivy up.
  • Viewing Figures: First UK broadcast - 16,550,000 viewers (3rd place).

Notable dialogue

Gail Tilsley: "Yeah, I can promise yer one thing Brian. My kids are gonna grow up feelin' safe, knowin' where they came from, knowin' 'oo their mum and dad are... and respectin' 'em.

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