Frank writes a circular letter to the residents about opposing the proposed demolition. Still waiting for David to come home, Ida, thinks they're being rude keeping Mr Lawther in the front room. Frank thinks that they shouldn't overplay their hand by showing them they're eager for County football club to sign David up. He gives in and Mr Lawther is invited to join them in the back room. Frank tells Lawther he's worried about David giving up his engineering apprenticeship but agrees that it's his son's choice. David is slightly overawed to see Mr Lawther in his home when he comes in. Elsie tells a depressed Linda that it's not worth moving to Coronation Street if it's being pulled down. The Rovers is visited by ex-regular Jim Schofield who's moved to the Bannerdale Estate and doesn't like it, despite having all mod-cons. Annie doesn't believe the rumours of the demolition but the thought of moving saddens Concepta. David signs. Frank tells him he thinks he's done the wrong thing, having no job when he reaches thirty-five. Linda still wants to get No.9. She and Ivan return to Warrington. Elsie panics when she thinks she has burglars in her house and Ena spots her and Harry going round the back to investigate. Inside the house, Dennis hosts Joyce Bond aka "La Composita", a former stripper and exotic dancer. Harry and Elsie burst in and find that she's there to pick up her snake. Elsie is sorry to see the reptile go. David assures Frank that he's not going to skimp on his night school studies and Frank gives his blessing. The next day, Ena spreads it about in the Corner Shop that Elsie and Harry are seeing each other. Florrie is upset and takes the opportunity to rub Ena's face in the fact that she didn't receive a circular letter from Frank. Jack, Annie, Albert, Harry, Elsie, Esther and Florrie meet with Frank and Ida in No.3 to talk over the demolition rumour. Elsie proposes marching on the Town Hall but Albert proposes writing a letter to the Town Hall treasurer expressing their concern. They all agree and he starts to dictate one as Esther writes it out.


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