Gloria enjoys a night out with Mike. Bet warns her to be careful. Ivy thinks that Mike will reconsider sacking Ida and is shocked when he takes on a new supervisor Connie Parker who is experienced in curtain manufacturing. Connie starts to teach the girls how to make curtains up and Ivy is indignant to find she is now just a machinist. Vera hears that Alf accused Amy of shoplifting and tells him that he was wrong and threatens him with legal action. She accuses Sally of calling her mother a thief. Patrice Podevin tells Jenny that he can't trust her any more and decides to return to France. She is distraught when he tells her that he can't marry someone who isn't faithful. Ida collects her cards and warns Mike that she intends to take him to a tribunal for unfair dismissal. Patrice says goodbye to Jenny and takes his ring back.


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