Alec and Bet glare at each other all day and the atmosphere drives customers away. The Websters tease Curly about his feelings for Shirley. Jenny is thrilled when Patrice Podevin phones to say he's coming over. Mike is amused to hear Alec thinks that he's been having an affair with Bet. Mavis finds Derek in his bedsit. She feels sorry for him having had a miserable Christmas. Gary Grimshaw asks Jenny out but she tells him that she doesn't fancy him - she just got carried away at the party. Gary is annoyed. Derek tells Mavis that he heard there was a stationery outlet going in Cornwall so he went down for Christmas. He explains that using his knowledge of the tax fiddles that Angela's father's firm had carried out over the years, he blackmailed Angela's father into giving him a generous settlement and used the money to buy the outlet. Mavis is furious that he didn't contact her. She tells him that she's getting out of his life once and for all and throws her glass of sherry in Derek’s face. Shirley thanks Curly for walking her home. Mike assures Alec that the stories he has heard about Bet are not true. Alec apologises to Bet, weary of not talking to her. She softens when he apologises again and asks to be forgiven. Lisa Woods tells Jenny that she can't wait to have a little chat with her “frog prince” Patrice about what happened at the party.


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Gloria Todd: "Hey, I've only got one pair of hands ya know."
Alec Gilroy: "A fact you never seem to tire reminding me of Gloria, these days. So I'll tell you what, just use the pair you have got to clear some of them away will ya? Only like it says in the barmaids' manual - 'They also serve who also do the washing-up occasionally!'

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