Alec sleeps in the spare room, accusing Bet of flirting with Mike. She tells him that her relationship with Mike is well in the past. Mavis worries as she hasn't heard from Derek. She contacts Edith Wilton but she hasn't seen him. Kevin clears No.13 of Hilda's furniture and agrees to hold a party in the empty house. Bet is upset when Alec asks her how he's to know which of their customers she's slept with. Mavis learns that Derek hasn't been at his bedsit since before Christmas. She fears something awful's happened. Jenny takes off Patrice's ring and goes to the Websters' party. She is pleased when Gary Grimshaw dumps Lisa Woods and makes a play for her. She encourages him. Shirley and Curly become close at the party and he walks her home. Lisa is horrified to find Jenny kissing Gary. She calls Jenny a rotten bitch and storms out saying they both deserve each other.


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