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Christmas Day: The Bradleys are depressed as they have to spend Christmas with Mavis. Audrey gets out of doing any cooking or washing up, letting Ivy and Gail do everything. The Websters spend Christmas with Hilda who is sentimental about leaving No.13. Mavis gets drunk and maudlin. She likens Derek and herself to Edward and Mrs Simpson. Don enjoys meeting Ivy's family. Hilda is stunned when all the residents throw a surprise farewell party for her in the Rovers. Lisa Woods and her boyfriend Gary Grimshaw bring Jenny out of herself by taking her to a party. Hilda innocently tells Alec that Bet once lived with Mike. Bet and Mike present Hilda with some heated rollers as a present from the residents. Hilda gives a speech thanking them all for being good neighbours and friends and that a part of her will always remain on Coronation Street. Hilda then leads everyone in singing Wish Me Luck as You Wave Me Goodbye...


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Hilda Ogden: "I've come in 'ere more times than I care to remember. Cold. Wet. Tired out. Not a penny in me purse. And the sight of them ducks and that muriel... well they've kept my hand away from the gas tap and that's a fact."

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