Alec is put out when Bet has secret talks with Mike. Bet tells Alec that they're planning a good send off for Hilda but Alec is certain there's more to it. Sally tells Kevin she wants No.13 and asks him to buy it from Hilda. Kevin isn't keen to have a mortgage. Fearing Mavis is going to confront Angela, Derek makes the ultimate sacrifice and tells Angela that he won't contest the divorce, losing his job, car and pension but Mavis's name will be kept out of the divorce. Mavis is delighted. Audrey works on Brian and gets him to get Ivy to invite the Robertses to Christmas dinner. Ivy feels put on but agrees. Patrice Podevin contacts Jenny and tells her that he can't come for Christmas - she is devastated.


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  • This episode, together with Episode 2790, was given a special omnibus repeat on Sunday 27th December 1987 from 5.15pm to 6.15pm.
  • Hilda Ogden recalls the occasion that Alf Roberts wrote her a Valentine's card from Stan, leading her to believe Alf had sent it. This occurred in Episode 2179 (17th February 1982).
  • TV Times synopsis: Alec’s imagination goes into overdrive when Bet and Mike Baldwin get their heads together. And is Mavis’s conscience any easier after a visit from Derek?
  • Viewing Figures: First UK broadcast - 22,126,000 viewers (4th place). This figure is the combined number for both the first showing (15,104,000 viewers) and the omnibus repeat (7,022,000 viewers).
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