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Alec tells Bet that he doesn't like seeing her in an apron cleaning the pub whilst Hilda's in hospital. Jack realises that he's trapped as he doesn't want to move out. Jenny is thrilled that Patrice Podevin is coming to stay for Christmas. Jack suggests to Amy Burton that she needs a part-time job to get her out of the house. Derek follows Angela to a pub in Worsley. He summons Mavis as he is certain that Angela is with a man. Hilda comforts Doctor Lowther, telling him that Joan knew how much he loved her. He tells her that he's going ahead with the move. She is sad when he says goodbye. Mavis is horrified when Derek asks her to spy on Angela at the pub as Angela's never seen her. Mavis goes into the pub to spy out for Derek and confirms that Angela is with a man. Derek is furious. Vera tells Jack that he's a rat for trying to send Amy out to work and accuses him of just being after the money. She forces him to sleep on the sofa. Hilda doesn't want to leave hospital as she feels she has nothing to go home for.


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