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Still in hospital, Hilda is very down and depressed at the thought of Mrs Lowther's funeral. Everyone tells her that she has to think of herself now. Alec returns from Germany. Hilda is delighted when Eddie Yeats visits her. He cheers her up and makes her laugh again. He apologises for not keeping in touch but tells her that he always thinks of her. Vera is upset that Jack and Amy Burton don't get on. Mavis tells Derek she doesn't believe that he'll ever change; he moans about Angela but is too afraid of losing his job and pension to leave her. He tells her that she's wrong; Angela is seeing another man. He tells her all that he needs is proof and then he can be rid of her but keep his job. He tells Mavis that he needs her help. Eddie drops by the Rovers for a drink with Curly, Kevin and Sally. Amy tells Vera she has no intention of staying where she's not wanted. Vera refuses to throw her into the Street and pleads with Jack to give her another chance. When he refuses she tells him that he'll have to go - not her mother.


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