Dr Lowther breaks down when the Consultant tells him that Joan has died. Mavis hardly sleeps knowing Derek is only the other side of the door. He tells her that he has to face Angela like a man and not rely on notes. Hilda regains consciousness. Derek returns home to find Angela hasn't read the note. He has second thoughts and decides it would be stupid to leave - he has too much to lose work-wise. He tells Mavis that he's returning to Angela. Mavis is devastated. Kevin is forced to break the news to Hilda that Joan Lowther is dead. Hilda is heartbroken.


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Bet Gilroy (on Hilda Ogden's condition): "...And they say they're pretty sure there's no brain damage."
Ken Barlow: "That's a relief."
Vera Duckworth: "See Hilda Ogden with brain damage? Ha! She's bad enough already!"
Ivy Tilsley (scandalised): "Vera!"


Derek Wilton (about Angela Hawthorne): "Left her forever. But the funny thing is, she never knew! This calls for a celebration, Mavis. If I didn't have to get back to work, I'd take you for a drink."

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