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Susan stays the night at No.1. Ken doesn't know how to treat her. She wants time before seeing Mike but Mike hears that she's back and calls at No.1. Susan is forced to face him. Susan calmly tells Mike she's had an abortion - there were no complications and she did it deliberately. He angrily calls her a murdering bitch. Jack redecorates the back bedroom. Mike tells Susan she had no right to kill his child. He tells her that she can't be normal. She tells him that she married him because she loved him and she thought he'd make life exciting and help her develop as a person. She admits she's never wanted children. He tells her that she's killed their marriage. Nurse Wendy Farmer answers Jack's advertisement. Mike turns to drink. Susan leaves Mike and returns to Newcastle. Ken is upset to see her go. He tells her that he doesn't approve but he respects her right to do what she did. She tells him that she should have listened to him in the first place and never married Mike. Vera tells Jack that Wendy can't have the room - her mother is having it. He is horrified.


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