Bet is adamant she's going to enjoy her wedding although she's wracked with nerves. Gloria prepares her. Alec is so hung-over and spends the night on the sofa. Charles Halliday urges him not to get married. Alec becomes suspicious about Bet's past relationships as Jack, Mike and Alf drop heavy hints. Bet wears a full ivory gown. Left in charge of the Rovers, Jack flirts with caterer Di Halliday. Betty, Hilda, Mike, Susan, Rita, Ivy and Vera attend the wedding. Gloria is bridesmaid and Alf gives Bet away as she marries Alec. Jack is annoyed to discover Di is Charlie's wife. Ivy is surprised when Don Brennan calls on her and asks her out for a drink. She is thrilled. Tom Hopwood tells Hilda he's thinking of buying a bungalow in Formby and asks her to view it with him.


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Rita Fairclough: "Anybody told you about the facts of life?"
Bet Gilroy: "Eee, I were told them sitting on Co-op steps, love... when I were twelve."

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