The Street is closed off as the fete takes over. Percy takes charge of the targetometer. Emily runs the refreshments stall, Rita and Mavis the toy stall, Curly and the Websters on the stocks, Ivy on the cake stall, Deirdre on the tombola whilst Jack provides a bouncy castle. Curly and Kevin take it in turns to sit in the stocks and have wet sponges thrown at them. Susan forces Mike into the stocks where the factory girls gleefully throw sponges at him. Alec doesn't like the way Bet is spending all his money on the wedding. He tells her that they'll have to wait a bit for a honeymoon as they'll have to organise relief. Sam Tindall wins a cake for guessing its weight correctly. Percy keeps adding up all the totals wrong, over-estimating the targetometer. He announces that they've reached the £500 target. Jenny phones Rita, telling her that she's having a wonderful time. Emily counts the money and finds they've raised £435 not the £500 Percy announced.


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