Jenny tells Alan that she's sick of school and won't be going back. Rita feels sorry for Jenny as Alan launches in on an attack as to why she isn't returning to school. Jenny is envious of Martin going grape-picking in the sunshine. Percy helps Emily with the Sean Meredith charity appeal. They decide to hold an event. Bet and Alec go to All Saints Church. Alec hopes he won't be able to marry in church as he's divorced but the Reverend Rawlinson doesn't mind. They set the date for 9th September. Mike gives Emily a cheque for £500 for the appeal, anonymously. Jenny tells Martin that she's packed her bag and she's coming to France with him. He tries to talk her out of it but she is adamant. They set off. Deirdre and Emily decide to hold a fete in the Street for the appeal. Brian and Gail go on holiday to Greece. Alan and Rita find a note from Jenny saying she's going to France. Alan is furious and calls the police.


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