Gloria tries to make the peace between Betty and Alec but neither will make the first move. Alec tells Betty he needs support, not aggro. He knows she's a good cook but that isn't good enough. Betty realises she's not wanted in the Rovers any more and leaves. Betty warns Gloria that she could be next. Alec introduces Gloria to Margo Richardson, the new barmaid. He assures Gloria her job is safe. Deirdre tells Mike that he must get planning permission and she's informed the planning department about the "Factory Shop" sign. They will investigate. Mike is annoyed that she hasn't cooperated. Gail tells Jeff Singleton that she doesn't want to see him again; she likes him but she feels that she wants some time to think - Brian might be returning to her. Jeff takes it badly. Alec is pleased he's managed to get rid of Betty. Brian is surprised to hear Gail has finished with Jeff. She tells him that she wants him to come back. They embrace.


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