Ivy tells Brian that he should be ashamed of himself - everything he's done has been wrong. She tries to stop him leaving by washing all his shirts. Bet entertains her bank manager, Mr Pollard. He tells her that the repayments would be around £300 a month on a £12,000 loan. She realises she'd have no money to live on. Alf reads in the Weatherfield Recorder that Ken has put a load of letters slamming him in the letters page. Alf tells Deirdre that from now on the gloves are off. Brian packs and leaves, asking Ivy to let him get on with his life. Audrey is stunned when Ivy tells her Brian has moved in with Liz Turnbull. Ivy feels she's lost her husband, her son, her daughter-in-law and her grandchildren. She feels she has nothing left. Alec tells Bet he could lend her the money.


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