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Alan is surprised to find that it's Rita's birthday as she didn't tell him. He agrees to cook her a special meal. Bet goes to the brewery about taking over the tenancy. Vera is upset that she laid into Jack. She blames Dulcie for luring Terry into her web and marches off to Dulcie's house. The brewery wants £15,000 for the tenancy of the Rovers. Bet becomes despondent. Vera confronts Dulcie and tells her to keep her hands off Terry. She calls her a trollop. Dulcie tells her to keep Terry and randy Jack out of her life because she's sick of them both. Vera is horrified. She confronts Jack, calling him a rat. She throws him out of the house and chucks his clothes out of the window. Alan is annoyed when Derek pompously tells him that the video trade will soon be dead. Alan turns on him and says he's sick of him telling him what to do. Jack tells Vera that Dulcie made his life a misery, always after him. He says he couldn't tell her the truth as Vera wouldn't believe him. He points out that Dulcie is jealous of their happy marriage. Vera feels awful and apologises. Mavis spoils Rita's birthday meal by telling her that she's upset by Alan making Derek feel humiliated. She accuses Rita of trying to get rid of her and pushing her out of The Kabin. She tells her that she's had enough - she's leaving The Kabin and the flat.


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