Terry spends the morning in Dulcie Froggatt's bed. Alan installs an electric till at The Kabin. Mavis feels left out of all the new arrangements. Ralph Froggatt is suspicious of the "Duckworth & Watts" van outside the house and knows Dulcie is canoodling with someone. Brian gets emotional when he sees Gail with Sarah Louise but can't bring himself to express his feelings. Rita tries to convince Mavis that Alan is not trying to push her out of things. Derek introduces himself to Alan and tells him Mavis fears he's taking over The Kabin in the same way he's taken over Rita. Alan is furious and tells Derek to keep out of his affairs and to tell that to his "bit on the side" Mavis. Gail tells Audrey that Sarah is definitely Brian's baby but swears her to secrecy. Brian tells Ivy he was upset to see the baby and wants to get away. He plans to go fishing in Scotland but upsets her by saying he'll take Liz Turnbull with him. Ralph confronts Jack in the Rovers and thumps him for playing around with Dulcie.


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Mavis Riley: "Well, we all need someone to lean on."
Rita Fairclough: "I wouldn't lean too far on Derek, Mavis, he might fall over."

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