Gail leaves hospital with Sarah Louise. Selling door-to-door in Cromwell Street, Terry meets Dulcie Froggatt. She takes a shine to him and invites him in. He can't believe his luck. Mavis is annoyed to find that Alan has talked Rita into shutting down the record section in favour of a video library. She feels that Alan is taking over and taking her for granted. She summons Derek and tells him that she needs his help to deal with Alan; he's the man in her life and she has nobody else to turn to.


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Mavis Riley: "I haven't got anybody to get home to - or turn to. Or anybody to give me advice and support as well as affection."
Derek Wilton: "Well I don't get those things from Angela, Mavis."
Mavis Riley: "I sometimes wonder what you do get from the famous Angela."
Derek Wilton: "Criticism, Mavis - alternating with silent condemnation. Sometimes I don't know which is worse... the harsh words or the black looks."

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