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Gamma Garments' takings are up again. Doreen thinks Emily should be made manageress. Elsie sent the accordionist away. Emily is summoned to Gamma Garments' head office. Albert warns Val she'll lose Ken if she tries to shut the world out. Ken tells Val he turned down the Lunds invitation. He tries to reach an understanding with Val; he says he met Marian to fulfil an obligation and doesn't care what people think. He snaps again when Val asks him why he's late back from school. Val doesn't know how to respond and admits she's always wondered why Ken married her. He reminds her of the time he found her at Ida's grave and told her that he loved her. They are reconciled. Dennis receives three bundles of letters in the post and gets Doreen and Jerry to help rifle through them. Doreen is annoyed when Dennis leaves them to slave away while he reads the paper but he mollifies her by asking her to audition the acts with him. Harry tells Len he turned down a job offer from Dave Smith as a bookie's clerk. One of Dennis's prospective acts is a singing window cleaner. Emily is told that Mr. Crossley from the Gaunt Street branch is to be the new manager of her branch. Doreen has heard bad things about him.


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  • This episode had no cast credits, only production credits.
  • TV Times synopsis: Dennis prepares for the big day and Mr. Papagopolous makes a decision
  • Viewing Figures: First UK broadcast - 7,489,000 homes (joint 1st place with 8th July 1963).
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