Gail's contractions are slowed down as the doctor tries to delay labour. Ian hopes that she'll want him around once the baby is born. Gail's contractions get worse and she is rushed to the delivery room. Audrey encourages Ian to hang around the hospital to prove to Gail that he cares and Brian doesn't. Ivy waits at the hospital with Audrey. The news that Gail is in labour unites them. They fear the baby won't be alright. Susan apologises to Ken for stretching the truth over the fire. Gail gives birth to a girl. She calls her Sarah Louise. She is too small and has to go into the baby care unit in an incubator. Susan talks the Barlows into coming to dinner. Ivy feels Gail should have Sarah baptised in case she dies. Brian has no plans to visit either Gail or Sarah.


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