Susan reads about a house fire in the Gazette which has left a young family homeless. She sees an opportunity to get some publicity. Rita feels that Alan has a cheek when she learns from Mavis that he is going to return to Dubai and expects her to look after Jenny. She accuses Alan of taking her for granted. She tells him that she likes looking after Jenny as she makes her feel young. He apologises to her for upsetting her and is relieved when she finds the situation amusing. Susan has her photograph taken presenting the fire children with Hopscotch clothes. She gives Ken the picture and a covering article, telling him it's a human interest story. She tells him that one of the children led the family to safety through the flames. Ken is interested as the Gazette did not mention this. Rita tells Alan that she loves him but wants to keep her independence. She tells him if he doesn't return to Dubai she'd like him to move in with her at No.7. Gail is stunned when Ian Latimer arrives on her doorstep.


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