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Valerie is cold to Ken after his date with Marian. Ken blames her for letting him go by himself and they row. Ken doesn't want her to be a stay-at-home wife but Val accuses him of driving her to it. Ena thinks Ken is regretting marrying Val after seeing him leave with Marian. Annie is in bed because of her summer chill and refuses to see a doctor. Albert hears about Ken and Marian from Ena and orders Val to make more effort to go out with Ken. Dennis gives Doreen some records he got through the profession but they turn out to be golden oldies. Jerry gives Dennis the idea of holding his own auditions for new talent. He advertises for acts to contact him with his new venture - Dennis Tanner Enterprises. Len asks Elsie out to a charity bash at the British Legion. Concepta volunteers to help Jack at the Rovers. Emily is thrilled when Mr. Papagopolous congratulates the Rosamund Street branch for putting sales up 17% in the Gamma Weekly News. Val hears Ena gossiping about Elsie and Len and thinks she's talking about Ken going out with Marian again. She tells Ena to keep her mouth shut. Concepta tries to reassure Val that Ken wouldn't be interested in Marian. Marian writes to Ken asking him and Val over to hers for dinner. Val refuses to go. Ken yells at her to grow up. Elsie is horrified to see Dennis's advert in the Gazette and more so when a piano accordion player turns up No.11 for an audition.


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Ena Sharples: (about Ken Barlow): "He married somebody from a different level and he's rueing it".

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