Jenny wants to enter a talent contest in Rochdale. Rita agrees to Martin taking her when he promises to take care of her. Maggie apologises to Mike. He tells her that he intends to keep his promise and not attempt to see Mark. She tells him that she doesn't want Mark confused and there's no place in his life for Mike. Bet empties the staff box to share the money out. Jack is horrified as it was full of coppers. Bet replaces the money with £60 for the staff. Martin arranges to borrow Curly's van to take Jenny to Rochdale. Susan tells Mike that if Maggie had run a business as well as a child she doesn't see why she can't. Mike is thrilled. Gail pleases Ivy and Brian by telling them that they can have Nicky for his birthday. The residents have a singsong in the Rovers to celebrate Christmas.


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