Alf takes Gail to see a solicitor. She doesn't want to go but he makes her see that she must be prepared for the worse. Jack plans to sing at the open mike night in the hope that he will be "discovered". Curly sets up an accounts system at the yard. Terry realises that Emily would make the business look respectable if she took on the books. He tells her that Curly is struggling with the accounts and she agrees to help. Gail signs the divorce papers and she tells Brian that her solicitor has told her that she owns half of the garage. Brian is furious. Jack dons his Vince St. Clair outfit for the open mike. Bet is horrified as the talent night is awful, full of drunks and off-key singers. In desperation she lets Jack sing. Brian tells Gail that he's not going to let her get her hands on the garage. She tells him that she doesn't want any of it, she just wants them to stop being enemies. They agree to stop making threats.


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