Nicky gets upset when Gail and Brian row in front of him when Gail refuses to sign the divorce papers. He tells them that he hates it when they shout. Bet discovers Alec has booked artistes for all the other pubs. Brian invites Gail out for the evening as they need to talk. Gail thinks he might be after a reconciliation. She dresses up to please him. Terry clears the yard of his personal belongings. Brian takes Gail to a restaurant. They start to reminisce about the past. Bet wants to bring new custom into the Rovers. Brian is forced to admit that he's missed Gail. They come close to a reconciliation but Brian draws back, saying he can't forgive her; he's too selfish. She says that she'll give him time but his mind is made up. He threatens to stop paying the rent on the house if she doesn't sign the divorce papers. Curly doesn't get the job and tells Terry that he'll pay for the van repairs if Terry agrees to form a proper business.


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  • TV Times synopsis: Brian and Gail can't see eye to eye, but they look set for a truce when he invites her out for a drink. Meanwhile, Terry and Curly start to go their separate ways.
  • Viewing Figures: First UK broadcast - 17,000,000 viewers (4th place).
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