Curly tells Terry they must keep proper accounts. Terry feels that would play right into the taxman's hands. Curly threatens to remove his money from the van repairs if they don't keep accounts but Terry refuses to be blackmailed. Rita takes the boxes back to Hawthornes. Derek is horrified, telling Mavis she's making life difficult for him at work. He begs her to take them back but she stands firm. Rita congratulates her for standing up to him. Neville Hawthorne calls at The Kabin wanting to know if Derek pressurised Mavis into making the order. She swears he didn't and offers to take half the order of the diaries. Rita tells her she's pathetic. Terry refuses to let Emily keep the yard's books or pay VAT and tax. Brian buys fireworks for Nicky but Gail has already organised a display with friend Pauline Lofthouse and her children. Brian feels alienated. Curly realises Terry must have something to hide.


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Rita Fairclough: "You'll have more diaries than Adrian Mole! This is what you get for dabbling with Derek!"
Mavis Riley (incensed): "I have not dabbled with Derek!"

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