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Kevin's nerves get to him. He feels he made a mistake having Terry as best man as he thinks the whole thing's a joke. Emily makes the wedding cake. Hilda tries to give Sally advice, telling her not to blame Kevin in times of trouble. Jenny, Martin, Brian, Curly and Hilda attend Kevin and Sally's wedding. They are married at the Register Office. Trevor Hargreaves offers Susan the job as promotions manager on £9,000 a year. Jack celebrates winning the Weatherfield Recorder 's bingo - a trip for two up the Rhine. Mike tells Susan he doesn't want her to work for Hargreaves and offers her a job at the factory, in charge of sales. She agrees. Curly and Sally's friend Lois Fairhurst find themselves attracted to each other. Kevin and Sally spend their wedding night at No.13, with Hilda staying at the Rovers. Ken is alarmed when Jack and Emily both claim to have won the bingo game.


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