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Frank is in good spirits after a successful first day of trading. Len takes Elsie out to the pictures. She doesn't care that she's supposed to be at work. David can't understand why Ken is still staying in the street and believes he can do better than Bessie Street School. Frank tells David he now understands why he stayed away when Ida died. Val suggests that Ken apply to teach at a grammar school as he'll earn more money. Ken dismisses the idea as he's happy where he is. David buys everyone drinks at the Rovers. Harry refuses it as he's bitter about not being in work. Esther innocently tells Christine that she saw Elsie out with Len. Christine decides to report Elsie. She cuts David down when he asks about her and Frank. David realises the residents resent his affluence. Minnie puts a hole in her kitchen table when she tests the drill and returns it to Frank. Christine gives Elsie a ticking off about her day off in front of a customer. David returning makes Annie upset that she never hears from Billy or Joan. Emily is enjoying running Gamma Garments. David gives the Barlows £10 as he can now afford a proper wedding present. Ken gives it back to him and accuses him of showing off. As David returns to London, Frank realises he's outgrown the street. Elsie is annoyed when Christine continues to rule over her in front of customers and goes to personnel.


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Notable dialogue

Ena Sharples (to David Barlow): "I'll give you this - yer did get yourself away from this place an' not just talk about it like most of 'em do".


Elsie Tanner (to Christine Appleby): "I've met some little bitches in my time but you beat them all!"

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