Sheila is fed up as Jerry never takes her out. Len and Jerry finish up at Frank's shop. Harry has an interview for a sales job. Albert accidentally grows parsley instead of onions at his allotment and gives them out to everyone to get rid of them. Christine makes it clear to Elsie that she doesn't like her taking personal calls at work. She overhears Elsie complaining about her on the phone to Len. As he admires his new shop front, Frank is confident that the opening will draw a crowd. The residents are worried for him as the shop is in a bad location. Florrie sorts out the refreshments for the opening. Len gets a letter from Stanley and is upset that Stanley doesn't seem bothered about seeing him. Elsie takes the day off work to go to the opening, without clearing it with Christine. Len and Esther are Frank's first customers. Len brings a crate of ale. Albert wears a three piece suit and bowler hat to attend the grand opening, while Emily buys a business suit from Miami Modes for the occasion and wishes Frank well on behalf of Mr. Papagopolous. Concepta holds the fort at the Rovers so that Annie and Jack can go. Ena has forbade Minnie and Martha from attending but they disobey her. They're horrified when Ena herself turns up. Christine writes to Frank to wish him well. There's a raffle at the opening and Minnie wins an electric drill. Harry doesn't get the sales job. As he leaves the shop, Len bumps into David Barlow.


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