Phyllis offers Gail support and tells her that she's looking after the cafe until she wants to return to work. Rita and the Bradleys return from Jersey having had a happy time together. Ivy is horrified when Brian tells her that Gail is expecting Ian Latimer's baby. Betty feels lonely and isn't enjoying her retirement. Ivy blames Gail for wrecking everyone's lives. Gail tries to explain that it wasn't a calculated event but Ivy doesn't want to know. Rita is stunned to hear from Mavis that Derek is married. Alec tells Alison Dougherty that she's wasted in the Rovers. He offers her a £2 an hour job at the Graffiti Club. Audrey asks Brian to remember that the baby is probably his. She warns him that if he doesn't return home, Nicky will be hurt. Derek shares with Mavis his worries about the MD making his stepson, Neville Hawthorne, his boss. She tells him that he must be assertive.


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