Jack gets a copy made of Vera's car keys. Ivy makes Vera promise that she won't tell anyone about her behaviour with the stripper. Jack entertains Dulcie Froggatt in the car. She refuses to let him have his way until he buys her lunch. She finds a pair of men's briefs stuffed down the back seat. Jack is furious to discover that Vera's had a man in the car. He wants to have it out with her but Dulcie points out if he does Vera will know he's been in the car. Gloria asks Rita not to make a play for Alan; he's hers. She is devastated when Rita tells her that she's been seeing Alan and has told him to choose between them. Jack tells Vera he knows she's up to something. Gloria confronts Alan. She tells him that she feels a fool as she thought they had something special. She tells him that she doesn't want to see him again - his lies have killed their relationship. She is left to cry.


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