Bet comes out of hospital and moves in with Betty. She visits the gutted pub and breaks down to Rita. She doesn't know what's going to happen to her. Bet tells Rita that she's had enough of picking herself up off the floor. When Mavis lets her down, Rita agrees to take Alan to a newsagents' dance. Alec Gilroy is fed up with the lack of customers at the nearby Graffiti Club which he now manages. Jack asks him for a job. Alec tells him if he gets thirty new members he'll give him a job. Alan cheers Gloria up with wine and kisses. He assures her that Rita is just a friend. Bet realises Jack bodged the fuse box and started the fire. She blames herself for not getting an electrician in.


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Notable dialogue

Bet Lynch: "When I come here to the Rovers, it was the first time in my life I felt that I'd found a place where I finally belonged. Jobs came and went, fellas came and went. But at this old dump I felt that I'd found somewhere I could hang on to. Not just a job but a place where Bet Lynch finally amounted to summat. I suppose what it give me was some self respect."

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